Our Philosophy

We are passionate about ethical volunteering, and only support sustainable long term projects that are developed through genuine community and conservation needs.

Being an ethical volunteer is a mindset; it's about having a realistic understanding of what you can achieve during your placement, and it's about honestly appraising your own motivations for volunteering in the first place. With these considered, you will be able to make the most of your experience, and make an impact where it matters.

With more than 17 years’ experience organizing placements for thousands of volunteers from more than 60 countries, Via Volunteers is the ideal choice for volunteering in South Africa.

Our Mission

We will provide you with excellent pre-arrival support to help you prepare for every aspect of your journey, and will make sure you have all the information you need to plan your trip.

Every project includes airport transfers, accommodation, orientation, in-country support, and a certificate of appreciation as standard. Some projects also include meals, a name badge, and transport where needed.

During your stay, our team will be available to assist you with organizing activities, giving advice, getting you to a doctor if needed and lots more. We are parents ourselves, so we always treat volunteers the way we would like our children to be treated and cared for if they were overseas.


Heather & Ed Scott

International volunteers leave their mark in South Africa, not only by dedicating their time and energy to a community or conservation project, but also through the positive contribution they make in supporting local businesses, tourism operators, craftsmen and women, and the many jobs that are created and sustained by purchases they make, and activities they take part in while they are here. When managed correctly, voluntourism ticks all the boxes when it comes to satisfying the criteria for responsible tourism, bringing visitors to areas of the country outside the traditional tourist routes, and providing a sustainable means for non-profit projects to develop and employ local people.

Heather & Ed Scott
Co-Founders of Via Volunteers


Whether you're planning a Gap Year, a volunteering trip abroad, or need some advice on the best things to do in Cape Town and the rest of South Africa, our experienced team are here to help you.

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