Sleepover Weekend - June 2019

Sleepover Weekend - June 2019

More sleep over news! We had 3 very excited boys from our Fikelela Child and Youth Care Centre Project, who had never been on a sleep over with us before and had been counting the sleeps! Winter had arrived and so we decided to go to an indoor play park called Wild Wild West, where the children could run, climb, slide, scream etc as much as they liked. The littlest one was so brave and just copied everything the oldest one did! They had so much fun. After that we went to the Spur for lunch and they had fizzy drinks, BBQ chicken, fish fingers, burgers and chips. Yummy!

When we got home they were so excited to start playing with all the toys that they had heard about from the other children, that they didn’t quite know where to begin and wanted to get stuck into everything at once! The lounge floor looked like a bomb had hit it! These boys loved dressing up in the pirate and super hero outfits and just being able to play in their own time and eat their sweets and chips whenever they liked, without anyone else taking them away. The dolls are for anyone to play with (both boys and girls) and when the boys found them, they were delighted that they had poo poo's (as the youngest excitedly ran to tell me) in their nappies! They were actually Whisper chocolates...

Supper was pizza and ribs and those bones were licked absolutely clean! Yummy sticky toffee pudding and ice cream and then lighting sparklers outside. They were a bit scared when I lit them but soon they had lots of fun making patterns with them in the dark – so exciting to be outside at night!

The next morning the boys were up bright and early ready to do some more playing. We showed them how the Scalextric worked and they were squealing with excitement! Homemade flapjacks with chocolate sauce, maple syrup and strawberries went down in a flash. These boys have really good appetites! Later on we went to the Mall where they went in an underground parking garage for the first time and then up the escalator, to their delight. We went to the Games area where they couldn’t wait to go on the bumper cars. They loved the bright lights and were very excited to try everything, even the scary ride!

After that it was time for Burger King. They even managed an ice cream before we left. To end off the sleep over, we went to the movies to see Toy Story 4 in 3D which they loved. Going to the toilet is one of the highlights, as they love drying their hands under the air-blower driers. Down the escalators, singing in the car and back to Fikelela!

A huge thank you goes to Carly Anne and friends; Dorte; Ellen, Ingrid, Marianne, Sofie and Thea for their amazing donations that covered the costs of this sleep over.