Sleepover Weekend - April 2019

Sleepover Weekend - April 2019

Things have been so busy that I haven’t gotten to sharing the latest sleep over news with all of you. Two very patient boys from the Fikelela Child and Youth Care Centre in Khayelitsha near Cape Town were very excited to finally be coming on their sleep over with us. Things had been a bit topsy-turvy with my dad passing away and so they weren’t quite sure when it was their turn until the day before! Child: ‘Ed, how many sleeps?’ Ed: ‘One’ Child: ‘You mean tomorrow?????’ Child runs off excitedly to tell the other child who was coming with him. So sweet!

The weather was lovely, so we went to Root 44 where there is a craft market and a lovely children’s play area. The boys had a quick look around, went on the water slide once or twice and then discovered the go-carts, which they promptly spent the next 4½ hours on! Water breaks and sunblock every now and again, interrupted by pizza for lunch and doughnuts for a snack. They had such fun!

Then it was off home where they couldn’t wait to play with the cars etc, dressed up in pirate gear and super hero capes & masks. These two boys play very nicely together and had lots of energy! We knew that we were going to have load shedding (our electricity supplier not having enough electricity for the whole country, so they block out various suburbs for 2.5 hours once, twice or three times a day) that evening, so decided to braai (barbecue) with the boys.

They helped Ed clean out the braai place and then helped him light the fire, to their delight! They played and coloured by camping light and then enjoyed their braai. They never really get a chance to dish up for themselves, so we decided to just have all the food on the table that they could help themselves to. The chip rolls (new experience and they would each have had about 5 if we hadn’t stopped them after 2!) were very much enjoyed! The one boy discovered that salad was very delicious and couldn’t get enough! Pudding was roasted marshmallows over the coals. Yum! Sparklers were then lit and played with in the dark and then it was shower and late movie time.

The next morning there was load shedding again, so couldn’t make the pancakes I had planned. Instead, we took a drive along the coast to a cool restaurant and two very well behaved boys got to sit at the fireplace and enjoy a scrumptious breakfast of egg, bacon, sausage, tomato, chips and chunky bread, washed down with lots of cream soda!

Back home to play some more and then off to the Mall, where we popped in check out the new games area. The dodgems were such fun and they also went on a scary ride, which was very exciting! Still full from breakfast, we decided not to have lunch but did some window shopping in the toy shop instead. These boys really love cars! We spotted a really nice Transformer and a Scalextric set that we are going to purchase for future sleep overs. We then went to the movies and saw How to Train your Dragon: The Hidden World. Seeing that they had not yet had lunch, we stopped at a take away coffee shop for a massive piece of cake each, which they polished off in the car on the way back to Fikelela!

A huge thank you to ex-volunteer Hedvig and her family for their wonderful donation, which covered the costs of this sleep over.