Sleepover Weekend - August 2019

Sleepover Weekend - August 2019

Sleep over news! We have already had the next sleep over and I haven’t even told you about the last one! 😂 The 3 oldest boys at Fikelela Child and Youth Care Centre in Khayelitsha near Cape Town couldn’t wait for their sleep over. It would be the first time that that they were grouped liked this and were very excited. The weather was good so we went to a Wildlife Awareness Centre called Giraffe House where you can see lots of different animals, as well as feed the goats and ostriches. We attended the interactive show where we learnt about tarantulas, African toads, egg eaters and Australian dragons. The children lined up to assist in holding a python, which took LOTS of courage from them!

Choices for lunch: Pizza or KFC? A very loud Yes for KFC! Because these boys are a bit older than the others, we let them choose off the adult menu, which they thought was very cool. We then went back home and they got straight to playing with their favourite things. One of the boys had some homework to catch up on, so we made sure we fitted that in too.

Later that evening, the boys helped Ed make the fire for the braai (BBQ). It was one of the boys first time having a braai. Afterwards he kept telling me that it had been the BEST lunch (it was actually supper) that he had EVER eaten! They got to stay up much later than usual watching Bumblebee.

Next morning started very bright and early. 😲 Delicious Cocoa Pops for breakfast and more playing! To end off the sleep over, we went to the games at the Mall, had ribs for lunch and watched Spider-Man Far From Home.

A huge thank you goes to Anna and her family for their amazing donation which covered the costs for this sleep over.❤️